Mom Accomplishments- An Awesome List

So I’ve been feeling off in my mothering- too short tempered, sometimes too boring, not inspiring enough, no validation, etc.  So I’ve decided to keep a list of maybe 10 or less items that I’ve accomplished good or bad in order to show myself where I am and where I am going in my child rearing, since it doesn’t come with a book and there is not five year plan or achievement bonuses!!!

-Soothed teeth.  Addi is teething and I put some oragel on her and gave her a nap

-Made lunch. It was a tv dinner for kids, but it was the first non-sugared item my son ate today

-Had a God-sighting.  No, don’t get too excited, not in person.  I’m a VBS teacher and we are supposed to be on the lookout and today I saw tons of kids having fun and laughing and it was nice to see the impact I am helping with.

-Laundry.  Story of my life.  It never ends.  I can honestly say I feel so bad for parents of multiples, it must feel like it really does never end.

-Dog Poop. In order to give the kids the whole experience of childhood, we have an insane GSP.  The dog is mad about something this week or ill and he keeps pooping in the house while we are gone, so I calmly cleaned it up today- the work mothers do.

-Hugs.  G and I were not having the easiest day yesterday and today I just wanted to supply hugs to say I am sorry and that my kid is awesome.  I am the one who needs patience.

-Inspiration and Direction.  Read my daily devos and that set me on the right path this AM.  Also did some prayers and felt uplifted.

-Emails.  Sent a few to my BFF on email to keep me sane and to let me have 15 mins of me time.

And the day is still young…….

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