Entertaining Bermuda Style

In Bermuda my weekends were basically like this:  Friday night happy hour and sushi.  If it was a good Friday night, we went to the wine bar, which I loved because it was quaint-ish and not too crowded.  When it got nicer out we’d do happy hour at the Hamilton Princess, which always made me think about how cool it was to be enjoying myself at a place that had been around for so long.  It was beautiful inside and out and so nice to be along the water for happy hour.

Saturday’s there was always an invite for a BBQ, dinner at someone’s home, dinner out, boating or some other fantastic activity.  We’d spend Saturday mornings relaxing and maybe grab a slow lunch and then we’d always have somewhere to go.  People in Bermuda love to entertain and they are very good at it.  It’s relaxing and nice to be able to just hang out with friends and eat and enjoy yourself.  I miss that.  Everything here is so rushed, so expensive and outrageous and so planned. 

Sunday’s were for brunch or for brunch at someones home.  My in-laws did some nice Sunday brunches but there was also a place in St George’s and the Southhampton Princess and I loved to get Champagne brunch.  It was so nice.  I could relax and enjoy my husband, we really got to be very good friends back in those days, because we could just relax and talk. 

Christmas dinners in my English in laws home were always incredible.  We went for Christmas in Bermuda for years before we moved there.  They had all the fixings of a tradtional English dinner.  We had a roaring fire in the fireplace- Bermuda is very damp in the winter.  And they would have at least 20 people. Mainly friends as we were the only family members.  It was grand.  Then we could swim on Christmas morning which was the best also.  They also did a great Easter brunch, Bermuda style with mussel pies and fish chowder.  I miss their entertaining for us.  They come up to the States several times a year and come to see us about once a year.


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