People I knew

When I left Bermuda my husband and I had 4 going away parties.  In the few years I lived there I made some really great friends.  His company threw him a huge party and my boss and co-worker took me out to eat.  My old co-workers who had become friends took me out to dinner and drinks and one of my closest friends threw a huge party at her house.  It was so nice to know we had met so many great people and to know so many people had touched our lives.  I still keep in touch with cards and emails and social networking with many of them.

Yesterday I had a huge blow up at work with a friend I’ve known and been close to for over 16 years.  She is going through a stressful period in her life and she just freaked out at me.  She said I didn’t work enough.  I work 2 days a week, so that I can be with my kids and that’s it.  My main job is my family and I love it that way.  I left the corporate world for a reason.  Then she told me I go to church too much.  Like most people I go once a week.  But my kids and I do sign up for many of the activities at church and I try to go to any special services/programs.  That’s what hurt me, that she said that.  I wanted to just leave and quit and be done, but I knew that wouldn’t be right.  But she really hurt me.  I really don’t like when people displace their issues on other people.  It hurt that a good friend would yell at me and say I didn’t work enough and put my faith and attending church and choosing to be with my children and my family on the line.  I mean that really bothered me.  I was crying and I could not wait to speak to my husband and to think about it and to pray about it.  I’m still not 100% comfortable with the way it ended and I know I need to make some changes, since I would give up work before church and the kids any day, but there’s also the issue of my friendship.  It hurts that a friend would do that to me.  I’m going to give her space and just pray about it.  But it makes me realize that the people I knew in Bermuda would good people, mature people and people who knew where values and relationships stand.  It’s never good to hurt and reject the people who care about you.  This certainly has not helped my anxiety, except that I know I can still cry and I also know that at least this is all I can think about and concentrate on right now.  My parents are divorced and I hate when people fight, I always have and probably always will.


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