Bermuda Zoo

One of my favorite places in Bermuda is the zoo and aquarium.  They have this great sea turtle exhibit outside the place and they are so neat to look out.  They swim around and pop up and take a breath and it’s so cool.  Inside they have beautiful tanks with fish native to Bermuda and there is a giant grumpy moray eel.  There are also lots of animals from all over in the outside section of the zoo.  When I lived there , they had these small little orange monkeys who were really cool to see.  I always made a point to take any family and friends who came for a visit to the zoo.  It was a more friendly up close and personal zoo. 

Today we are going to the zoo here with the kids.  We are also going for Indian buffet and I must confess that’s what I am most excited for.  I really love planning activites with the kids and I love spending so much time with my family.  I think it is important and I am trying very hard to give my kids some great memories and family time, which is something I never really got.  Last week I had an argument with a friend over how much time I spend with my family and how we attend church each week and it really hurt me to have someone judge me and try to belittle me for it.  Then I realized that my friend is hurting and stressed and was just lashing out at me, the first person she saw.  I really try to treat people in a good way, because it hurts to have people hurt you.


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