Cup Match

Bermuda like any other country has some unique holidays.  The first one is Bermuda Day and that’s in May.  There is a parade and usually we celebrated out on the water with friends.  It’s a nice relaxing day and it kind of signifies the beginning of summer. 

The other incredible holiday’s are Cup Match.  They are two days at the end of July where there is a huge cricket game where one side of the island plays the other side of the island.  Like any sports events most people are partial to one side or the other.  It is just tons of fun to go and hang out with friends, walk around and socialize and watch the cricket.  I don’t understand cricket, as much as my husband tried to teach me, I just don’t get it.  But it’s still a good time. One year my best friend came down to celebrate with us and it was incredible.  The only time you can gamble in Bermuda is at Cup Match.  There is this old game called Crown and Anchors and you go to this tent area and you can play the game.  It’s a type of dice game, so there is no strategy to it, but it’s fun. 

There are many foods to sample while at Cup Match.  Vendors sell various items, one of my favorite was shark hash or anything with conch. 

Bermuda is so hot at that time of year, which just adds to the Cup Match atmosphere.  We didn’t always go to the cricket game, sometimes we would go to a BBQ, one year we tied up our boat and camped on the boat for 3 days in St George’s.  That was an interesting experience!!  Cup Match is one of my favorite memories of Bermuda.


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