Gatsby Party

In high school I did my senior paper on the Great Gatsby.  I love that novel and I love that time period.  I love history.  I found it almost amazing that Gatsby could throw these parties and not really know many of the people there, because he had the money and who doesn’t want to be part of something that everyone is doing and that everyone is talking about?

One Christmas my husband and I were visiting Bermuda, we weren’t married yet, and we kept hearing about this party in this exclusive part of the island and it seemed half the world was going which meant nearly the whole island!  The person hosting the party we did not know, but we found out it was very old family money via my mother in law.  So off we went.  And into a real life Great Gatsby style party we entered.  There was gambling tables, which are not allowed.  There was a pool and an enormous house.  There was food and people serving it.  There were several bars all over the estate.  It was crazy.  There were hundreds of people there just spilling out everywhere.  In a rare state for Bermuda, there were not any close neighbors so it didn’t seem to matter.  That’s how you know there is money in the family!! We were on the water.  We saw some friends as we walked around, but it was mostly people who just showed up to show up.  Who even knew why the party was being held, I suppose at that level of wealth you don’t need a reason.  It was crazy and I kept thinking I’ve stepped into a real life book.  Years later once I had lived in Bermuda and moved back, I would look back in retrospect and think of my time there as somewhat of a fairytale.  It doesn’t seem real in many ways to live in paradise until some very real situation drives you from it.

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