As I almost finish a month of writing about Bermuda.  I’ve saved the one topic that’s weird to go over for almost last.  Money.  I was raised in a thrifty PA Dutch household.  We didn’t have credit cards and paid for everything in cash.  My grandparents also taught me not to waste anything. 

Bermuda has a high cost of living, in order to survive you are paid well.  You are paid much better than you would be in the States usually for an equal career.  With this in mind and knowing that I was on my own and this was the first time I had to pay real bills.  We lived very well.  Take out or eating out most nights- Indian or Sushi.  Lunch out everyday.  Vacations.  We bought a boat.  Sure we were saving too.  I was able to start my Masters degree online and pay for it with cash.  I developed a fondness for designer shoes and bags and jewelry. 

When we came home we were able to treat our family and friends to dinners and gifts and it was nice.  At the same time it made me feel almost guilty to be making that much money at a young age. I would never tell my family how much my husband or I made and my husband made a lot more than me.  His bonuses were more than I make a year now. 

So needless to say when we came home with our savings and I wasn’t going to work for a few months, I spent too much money and just kept it up like that for several years.  Even after my son was born I just kept spending on all of us, in a way we couldn’t afford.  Now we have debt.  But I also realized when I left corporate America I could use my budgeting skills at home and in paying off the debt. So I have a plan and now I am a keen sale shopper.  I take pride in some of the great deals I find and I am glad that I have come back to my thrifty roots.  I also take the Biblical principle on sharing and I donate things we can’t use, new food to the food pantry, items that the church is collecting, etc.  I love to share and I love to teach that to my kids.  Like in the Bible I’ve learned to be content whatever the circumstances.  I know what it is to be in need and I know what it is to have plenty.  I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation. 

Amazing how there really is all the knowledge you need in that one book.  I also love being shown a lesson and learning from God.


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