So the theme for August from the monthly blog is Tomorrow.  So I was brainstorming some ideas based on that last night.  It was awesome the gears started turning and I had so many thoughts about it.  I was so excited.  Because of this monthly blog challenge I’ve been working on my blog consistantly and that has never happened for me.  I’m so happy because I’ve been praying to feel more creative and have some ideas for writing and this little window of creativity opened up last night.  It’s hard to be creative and have some time to think on your own with 2 kids under the age of five.  I also didn’t think I’d have this space to blog in so early in the day today, but one kid is napping, my husband took the other one to Wendy’s and I have some free time before a baby shower this afternoon.  So here it is, my first installment of tomorrow. 

My first thought was Jetson’s.  Isn’t it funny how in this age with ipods and mini computers and cars that can stop themselves and laser surgery machines, that the future is still defined for me with images of the Jetson’s?  I mean I still wish we could have those little zippy flying cars and a Rosie to clean and take care of the whole house.  I’d rather not have all my meals in a till tablet ever though!!  But then I got serious.  What was tomorrow?  What are my dreams, goals, plans?  What about my kids?  All sorts of ideas came to mind.  The first one was my literal tomorrow list.  So tomorrow this is what I am hoping to accomplish and do:

-1st thing in the AM.  Devotions and mini Bible study on Leviticus (not the most exciting read!!)

-weigh myself (then realize I didn’t walk very much last week and will not have lost desired weight, but it’s the future anything can happen)

– call my grandmother, I do this everyday

-do a craft with my son

-come up with some new ideas for my blog

-look at a picture of my friends new nephew on my way to my financial club meeting

-dvr the new jon and kate plus 8

-dvr the history detectives on PBS

-sweep my main floor and clean my front windows of dog and toddler prints

-prepare the documents for my finance club

-check the prices on the stocks I want to suggest

-defrost a pizza for my husband and son and baby for dinner

-socialize with the girls and ladies in the finance club

-pray for a friend of a friend who has a baby that is getting open heart surgery on Tuesday

-relax and see what the day brings

It’s not an overly booked day so I will see what else it brings, but it’s good to plan and to look forward to tomorrow as much as it is to enjoy the surprise.  I’m sure I will also be twittering and sending emails.  So there it is, my literal tomorrow.  Now where are my Wendy’s chicken things…..

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