Red Haired Child

When my baby was born, the one thing I remember before they whisked her away to the NICU was that she looked like she had blond waves of hair.  Then everything else blurred together as the doctors rushed to regulate my pressure and to take care of her.  When I saw her again she had on a hat and tubes and machines everywhere so I wasn’t really paying attention to her hair. 

Once she came home we realized she had blondish hair and I was excited because my dad is blond and my husband was a blond child and it was kind of neat to see that in my child.  Slowly her hair became strawberry blond and like everything else with kids everywhere we went and everyone we saw had an opinion on redheads.  The first time I took her to the peditrician a redheaded guy behind me told me to watch out because redheads give you trouble.  I’ve been shopping and warned about her attitude that would develop (and has!!), I’ve been told about how Irish she looks and how she’ll have the temper to go with (that’s coming out too), even though she is only about 1/4 Irish.  It’s funny because no matter where you go people will talk about a red head.  I imagine in places like Ireland and Scotland where it’s more common,people might not be so forthcoming. 

I’m excited because my grandmother had red hair when she was younger and my grandmother that I never met had red hair, so she has my grandmothers’ hair.  She also has thick curls like my mother.  So the women in my family have strong DNA which is appharent in my daughter.  I love tradition and history and connections so this is really special to me.  My grandmother is so excited she’s started buying her red headed cabbage patch kid dolls, which is cool because she also bought me my first cabbage patch.  It’s amazing when things come full circle.


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