Cash for Clunkers

So I have an 11 year old Jeep Grand Cherokee V-8, gas guzzler that has 122,000 + miles on it and heard of this cash for clunkers program where I could have gotten a $21,000 Jeep Liberty for about 1/2 price.  Now mind you I was not in the market for a car, I’m cheap and I have debt and I was hoping to keep driving my un-green car as long as I could.  But this was an incredible deal.  So we go to the local dealer to be told, there are no more Jeeps.  They had 20, sold them last week and will not get any others in.  I was so disappointed.  You know how it is with the temptation of a new car.  The dealer tried to get me in a Suzuki or a Sebring, but I was like no I like my Jeep.  Oh well, things only happen when they are supposed to, so it’s me and my old friend the JGC for as long as we can go.


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