This post is part of my monthly topic on tomorrow.  I wanted to write about my dreams for tomorrow.  When I was in school and in college I think I did some of those writing exercises where you write to yourself in the future.  I know for sure that my letter to myself back then has no similarity to my life now!!  I never had any intentions of being married or having children.  I was planning on an exciting career in broadcast journalism with a minor in religious studies and as my husband always jokes I would have had to work for the 700 club with a mix like that!!  But that’s why they are dreams, because it’s what you think you want to happen and then what really happens is the life God has blessed you with and had planned all along.  Here is what I would like to tell my future self:


You never thought people were on to anything when they said slow down and enjoy school because before you know it you’ll be in the real world.  Then it was slow down and enjoy your babies because before you know it they will be starting their school journey.  It’s all true.  It goes by in a flash.  People get older.  Life changes and moves on.  With each age wisdom has come and it will be great to know how much more I will learn as the years go by.  I hope that in the future we will have been able to help the Earth, since there is a movement now to take better care and recycle and cut down on wastefull-ness.  I also hope that what I am learning now about financial crisis and saving money will come in handy because I never want to be in debt again or to have credit cards and I also want my kids to be like my parents and grandparents and not carry debt or credit cards with balances, but to live within their means and be proud of buying things with hard earned money and not for instant gratification.  If you need things to make you happy you need to go back to reading your Bible and taking notice of the beauty in the world around us, because things do not make you happy.  People and helping and loving make you happy.  I hope my children will have wonderful spouses like that I have found in their father.  I also hope they take time to travel and see the world, that’s important because somedays your memories can really cheer you up.  It also important to meet people not like the people you know now.  If more people left their comfort zone and met others, the world would not have the hatred and ignorance that it has today.  I personally hope that I will be able to help others in a situation that takes me out of my comfort zone.  The first part of my career was spent climbing that corporate ladder.  Then I was on the mommy stage, which lead me to realize caring for others in one of the greatest things you can do with your life.  So I hope that my future will have many oppurtunities to help others.  I really hope that I will be writing and reading even more than I do now.  I love having an outlet. To sum it up my dreams are happiness and contentment for my kids and the ability to live in the moment and to be creative and to help others.  That is my dreams for the future.  So we’ll see, because life is never what we expect and that’s what makes the future so exciting!


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