So I’m always looking for shows that my husband or I might like to watch and I kept seeing the previews for Pawn Stars on History.  At first I was like what a cheesy title for a show, but knew my husband would love it so I told him and we started to DVR the show.  Well I surprised myself by becoming interested (not unlike Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch- the shows you watch when you are married!!).  Pawn Stars is about a family run and owned pawn shop in Vegas.  I like it because of the interaction between the family members and the employees, they seem to get along well.  I also like to see what people bring in to pawn.   To me it’s like Antiques Roadshow meets History Detectives meets American Choppers.  Most people are selling items that they have inherited and don’t have an attachment to or because they need money fast.  The store is in Vegas so you can only imagine some of the situations that may lead people there.  I think it’s interesting because they also bring on experts to authenticate some of the items that come in and I like to see the whole deal being made.  I was amazingly surprised that I would like a show with such an odd title, but it’s made me want to be in the pawning business!!


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