Weathering the Storms

It has been super hot where we live for several days in a row.  In the 90’s and above.  It’s the kind of heat that when it rains a few drops the whole street steams, like a tea kettle because the heat has no where to go but up.  Yesterday afternoon we had a few rumbles going through, nothing major.  That was nice because this summer Tuesday’s are busy days- we have library story time and tennis lessons and othr errands.  So last night I needed to go to the grocery store- Super Walmart.  I love Walmart and I find it hard to believe that there are people who don’t love Walmart and who protest Walmart, but that’s another blog in itself!  So my son and I went to the grocery store, as we got closer the sky was black and there was some darkness streaming down, that looked like rain to me- living in Bermuda I finally learned how to see rain on the horizon and I think it is thrilling!  So I said let’s hurry and get in before it rains.  We were only in the store a few moments and it began pouring like I had never heard and thunder so loud, the floor was shaking.  My son was getting nervous, so I told him it was God bowling with the angels and that we were fine, because He was watching over us.  Meanwhile, I didn’t have my cell with me and I wanted to call and make sure my husband was ok and that my grandparents were ok.  On the way home we saw flooding, branches everywhere, leaves everywhere and the main road was blocked off with tons of fire trucks and fire police.  It turns out there may or may not have been a tornado in part of the town.  I am so scared of tornadoes and bad weather, but there I was in Walmart and I had a peace that we were safe and everyone was safe at home and that was where we were supposed to be.  So I just shopped and listened to nature in all it’s glory.  I’ve also been watching this hurricane that might go near Bermuda this week.  Right after I moved there was a large hurricane in Bermuda with lots of damage, so of course Bill is in my mind because I have family and friends there and it’s hard to get in touch with people right after a storm.  So I hope that Bermuda is also safe from the storm.  It scares you when your fears are that close to home and thankfully no one in my town was hurt, just some damage to buildings and cars.


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