Baby Blessings

I became an aunt 2 days ago on my birthday.  It was a wonderful feeling to hold my nephew.  He is so cute and he slept so peacefully while I held him.  I forgot how tiny babies are and how wonderful it is to hold one.  He was born with a short femur, which we knew about.  However he was also born missing several toes on that leg and a broken femur on the other leg.  You would never know by the way he just rested and started to take in his new world.  My brother and his girlfriend are young, so this is a challenge for them.  They are handling everything well, but I think that’s because when you are young, you aren’t really scared or worried.  I feel so bad for the baby because he will have to endure painful surgeries to fix his shorter leg.  I’ve be praying for him and for them and for our family as a whole.  I believe this will be a test of faith for them and that they will grow from this experience, but it’s still so hard to realize this poor child will be in such pain.  His face was so sweet and he was so calm.  You just think why did this happen?  Why them?  They had an awful year, their house burnt down, they’ve had several illnesses in the family and now this.  It’s just hard to imagine.  My brother is a lot calmer than I am and doesn’t worry as much as I do, so maybe he is better prepared to handle this than I would be.  I am trying to be supportive, but it makes you think about the fragilness of life.


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