Real (Literally) Housewife Daily

Ok, so keeping with my idea to write about what a real houswife does which is nothing like that show, since everyday wives should be just as glorified as wealthy women who don’t do a thing, if not more acknowledged.  So today I woke up early, fed and clothed the kids.  Packed food and toys and picked my grandmother up to take her to the doctor for a minor procedure.  Then I helped her back home and came home to clean and settle my baby and entertain my son and balance my budget.  I accidentally deleted a friends new cell number and I needed to call her about getting together tomorrow.  I agreed to coordinate the baptism workshop families for my church and now I am getting ready to tackle laundry which brings me to clothes.  Ah the lifestyle of the pampered housewives.  I mean all heels and lovely outfits, perfect hair and makeup.  For some time now I’ve fallen into mommy mode for dressing- pony tail, no makeup, no jewelry, sneakers, capris and a tee shirt, with a very mommy-ish purse.  I realized my baby is now over 1 and it’s about time I start looking decent to go out again.  Anything is more stylish than capris. So I got a great new Avon bag and shoes.  And I bought some nice clothes that fit me (I had to go up, because I still have that baby fat) and I really do feel better about myself.  Now to figure out this hair.  I’m trying to grow it for locks for love, but it’s so long and unruly.  I really would just love to go and get a Kate Gosselin style do, but as my husband says that’s way too short, so for now I’ll be keeping the pony!


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