Real Housewives of the Suburbs-Part 2

So last week I couldn’t even finished watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta, I lost interest. This week I was on vacation and flipping through some magazines while getting a pedi (sometime us real moms need to treat ourselves like celebs also!!) and there are countless articles and pictures of them, they are everywhere and for no real reason other than their flashy lifestyle.  It makes you wonder about where our priorities are when they are celebs and yet countless people serve others every single day and make the world a better place and there is no pomp and circumstance. 

One of the things I see is that they all have flashy cars and lots of them.  A real housewife does not drive a souped up Landrover or Bentley. Real mom cars have food spilled and toys strewn about.  They have the little cd holder areas filled with ketchup and splenda and straws and napkins.  They have dog and kid smears on the windows.  In my own personal case, my mom-mobile is actually a clunker, that I couldn’t clunk because they ran out of Jeeps to trade to.  A few of my close friends have the mom mini-vans.  Sometime I envy them, all the space and the ability to stretch out or change a child in the unending back area, but I have not crossed over to mini-van mom and I don’t think I will.  Selfishly I still think in my mind like a 16 year old and I like a powerful car, that still has room for the kids.

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