So beautiful is the blog on the month theme this month.  I was having trouble with this because there is so much beauty is this world- sorry for the cliche.  So here is a list of beautiful things I can think of :

-my children

-autumn leaves

-crisp days


-oreos and tastykakes


– helping an older person


-blessings taken for granted

-a roof over your head

-a rainbow

-all the things in nature, God created, even bugs and snakes!!

-having your child leave the NICU


-fresh baked pies and muffins

-an Amish farm

-my grandmother’s love

-becoming a sibling

-my husband’s freckles

-reading on a rainy day

-sleeping in

-being able to see the beauty in the world

– digital cameras

-websites that keep the world connected

-feeding the hungry

-national geographic magazine

There are so many beautiful things in this world. I could go on and on.  And I just might next week.  What things do you think are beautiful?


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