Housewives and Jewelery

Ok, so how sad am I?  I don’t watch anymore, but my good friend does and she sends me a breakdown of each episode in an email.  Still almost like watching.  I know.  So today I wanted to talk about the jewels these women wear.  Last season in Atlanta there was a charity event where people were buying mega priced jewels and in OC I know they love jewels and watches.  In my world of being a mom housewife, my good jewelry never sees the light of day- I mean taking kids to school and sports, does not require nice jewelry and most of my nice jewelry was bought by my hubby pre-kiddos.  But an nice event for me and my girls would be a lia sophia party where we can buy some everyday pieces.  Or I just buy Avon.  I sell Avon and I love the stuff so I buy things I can wear on a daily basis.  I mean could I ever do my mom jobs in a $10,000 watch- probably, but would I want to?  No.  I would rather take that money and give some away, pay some debt off and save for my kids education or a vacation.  One thing me and my mommy friends have been doing is the Pandora bracelets.  I get charms as gifts from my kids and husband and that’s nice, because it’s something I can remember and it’s marking a moment in our family history.  I can even buy for my friends which is also a nice way to connect.  But that’s how a real mom rolls- nothing fancy, because a real housewife is just too sensible for that!!


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