Real housewives

Real Housewives do not have perfect hair, most of the time my hair is out of control.  I don’t have time to make my hair look good on a daily basis, certainly not straightened every day!  I used to have my hair fairly long when my preemie was a baby since it was easy to pull into a ponytail, but I trimmed it the other week and I am thinking of going even shorter.  I never wanted to be an unstylish mom, but when all you are doing is cleaning, schlepping kids around and grocery shopping I just don’t take the time to get” fancied” up each day.  I have stopped wearing sweats and yoga pants and sneakers every day, just because I am trying to make some stylish changes, because you do feel better when you look better, but with two kids under 5 it’s hard to take any time in the morning to primp.  Even Kate Gosselin said something about how she can dress up more now that her kids are all older. 

The Real Housewives on tv also take these elaborate and crazy vacations.  TV people in general do.  The last vacation we took was to the Great Wolf Lodge a few weeks ago for 3 days.  For 3 days we had a trunk full of clothes, food, toys, etc.  When you have little ones you can’t just easily pop away for a few days or a long weekend.  Every trip you take involves bags and bags of stuff.  I would love to go back to the Carribean, but why bother now, when my baby will need a nap and my pre-schooler will get worn out and there will not be any relaxing.  I would love one of those tv vacations that the housewives take!!

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