Final Post on Housewives Comparison

The last two things I wanted to speak to were parties and children.  On the Real Housewives show they are always having elaborate over the top parties where people fight and argue and it costs tons and tons of money.  In my life we don’t know people who throw parties like that.  The last party we had was when I went thirty and my husband threw me a surprise party that I was 1.5 hours late too, because I was at work and no one told me to leave. There was not any fighting, it was in our house and while the food was awesome he made it himself.  It was fun and there was a bunch of great people who came over.  All the parties we are privaleged to go to, involve people cooking for themselves.  I have one friend who is Italian and her parties and her mom’s parties are a big favorite just for the food.  Then there’s birthday parties.  Here I must say some of the parties my child is invited too are on par with a “housewives” style party.  Kids parties are over the top.  I never had a birthday party for anyone other than family growing up.  I can honestly say that my husband and I have never thrown a party that cost us more than $50 for either of our kids.  This year my son goes 5 so we are doing a bowling party for his friends.  But people who spend several hundreds or thousands of dollars for a kids party is just odd.  I would rather go on vacation or invest that kind of money.  Kids are content in the backyard with some friends, some balloons and some cake. Parties have become too grand and maybe with people scaling back, more people will come to realize that.

And kids.  On real housewives you never see the kids, the moms aren’t driving them anywhere.  They have nannies and assistants.  I spend a lot of time driving my kids to school, church and sports and I love it.  I love being with my kids, if I didn’t I would be working full time as I used to.  I am so happy to be home in these early years.  My husband had a nanny when he was growing up.  He was raised very different than I was. I was raised with my grandmother watching me and those are some of my best memories.  I think that is why it is so important for me to be involved with our kids and for my husband to be involved, because he knows how empty he felt from being raised by a nanny and then being sent to boarding school.  We are trying to do differently than what our parents did and so far it’s going well. Real housewives get involved in their kids lives!

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