I used to be a big shopper.  I used to buy the latest fashions and things for my home.  When I was younger my mother would take me shopping on a Sunday afternoon and that was the only time we spent together all week.  My mother was always a shopper.  My grandmother and I would go to a cute little antiques store on a Saturday afternoon and shop.  In college I was paying for myself so my shopping was halted and I was really good with my money.  Then I moved to Bermuda and shopping became a mission.  I would have lists of things to buy when I was off the island.  Then I got a mailing address in the States and the world on the internet was at my fingertips.  I would order clothes online and have them shipped.  My husband and I were good with our money because we had lots of extra money since we both had good jobs and no children.  Then we moved back to the States.  The kids were born, I stopped working but kept spending and we ended up with debt, like most other Americans.  It was getting to a point where I felt sick all the time of thinking of it, and didn’t know how we’d get out.  Then I came up with a plan.  I only buy clothes/toys on sale.  I don’t buy all the home accessories anymore.  We go to the library for books.  We fix things when they are broken instead of buying new.  We donate or give away what we can’t use.  We tithe.  And that is a much better way to live.  I still have debt but we are working on our debt plan.  It’s so hard because there is still an urge to keep up with friends, but sometimes you just have to say no.  But recently I’ve developed a new habit.  I over-buy on food.  I go to the grocery store and still have the Bermuda mentality to get it when I see it, in case they don’t have it again and so we have tons of non-perishable food.  In my mind because I am using cash, it’s ok.  But it’s not, because my husband keeps reminding me we don’t need this much food and to tell the truth most of it is snacks.  So now I need to work on curbing this bad habit.  I don’t want to be like those people on Oprah who have garages full of rice and oil and pasta.


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