Haunted Last thoughts

So yesterday I was caught up in a discussion in the coffee shop about haunted things.  People are so into these gory places where it is set up to scare them and then they can go back and tell everyone how they weren’t in the least bit scared.  The coffee shop girl was talking about wanting to go to one.  I told her I never went to places like that.  First I think they are negative, I don’t think people need that in their lives. Second I just don’t like scary stuff.  I told her I was more into historical places that had some reason history and ghost sitings tied to it, like Boston, Philly, Baltimore, etc.  Her and I were then talking about sceptiscism.  I told her I go there thinking it could be possible to see something, but deep down I don’t expect it.  I totally believe it could be possible and people have experiences, I just don’t feel like I am one of those people who are susceptable to it.  I think most of the excitement for me is learning the history, that’s why I watch Ghost Hunters.  I like to see where they are going and to see the history of it all.

Several years ago my two best friends and I started going to haunted places and ghost tours and I love it because there is a bond between my friends and I and we get to go out, which happens so rarely since we all have kids.  We have plans to go to several different places we’ve heard about and try to do one a year.  I didn’t have an experience at the last place we stayed at, but nothing at the place we toured last year.  Although I learned some new revolutionary war info I was not aware of before which was nice. 



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