I want to become a better writer.  I used to write all the time when I was in high school and some in college , but it kind of fell by the wayside.  I started a blog as a way to share my thoughts/ideas and as an outlet for writing.  I try to commit myself to writing for at least a half hour a day, but most days I can’t write. I can tweet until the cows come home, but to seriously sit down and try to write is impossible.  I have characters in my head, I read all the time- books, magazines, online stories you name it, but I just can’t get from A to B.  It is incredibly frustrating.  I know people say write about what you know, but they you start to think what you know is not that fascinating.  Somedays it just gets me down a bit.   To me writing is like budgeting.  I have an excellent budget, but I still can’t stop spending more than I have.  I am so tired of debt, but you get to a point and you think well it’s so much, what is a little more going to do.  You don’t ever think, you will be at the top of your limit on your credit cards, but it happens and as much as I want to spend better, I just can’t.  I think there was a period of two months, when I was doing awesome and then I just lost the momentum.  So here it is, almost Christmas and I love to have my shopping down early but this month there’s just not enough $ so I will be one of those ten days before Christmas shoppers this year and I hate the thought of it.  If I was really disciplined I wouldn’t even be buying 1/2 the stuff I am planning, but like writing I just commit and make it happen. 

Maybe the only writing I can do is the tweeting variety, less than 140 words at a time!!!  Maybe the only saving I can do, is the pennies I keep in my penny jar.  It’s hard to face reality sometimes.


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