1 timothy 2:10

For women who are devoted to God should make themselves attractive by the good things they do. 

I first came across this verse a few weeks ago when a youth Christian group was presenting at our church.  There was a young lady in the group and this verse was the one she chose to highlight.  At first I was thinking okay that’s odd.  But then I got beyond the attractive part to see what it really meant.  It means attractive like letting your light shine.  Your good works and the care and support and love you offer others will make you attract people and they will want to know your secret.  I was amazed at this girl who was half my age and traveling the country with several other young people could be this firm in her faith and the fact that here she was living that verse.  It made me think about my choices.  I don’t always have the happiest face, like others I tend to grovel and complain.  I am not the most positive person on bad days and sometimes mothering can be frustrating as can household duties.  But how can I want my kids and my friends and my family and complete strangers to see how much God has done for me and how much of a strength He is, if I am not being the best, most positive person I can be.  Helping and serving others really does make you feel better, it gives you a glow.  Showing compassion and patience and not judging is a great way to to show your devotion to the Lord.  Being faithful in prayer and praying for others.  Not all forms of service are huge and time consuming, a simple prayer for someone in need or an email of encouragement can go along way to making someone’s day.  Acts of kindness are contagious and when people get together to share and help each other, there are many attractive women there serving the Lord.


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