Customer Service Training

So at my PT job we have a new HR person.  She is at least ten years younger than me and yes I am a little bitter that she was picked with no experience and I have experience and was overlooked because of my family commitments- ie I only work maybe 2 days a week.  Now mind you I could go on and on about the various items that play into this, but I won’t because I don’t want to dwell on it.  Well anyway she bought this new DVD program called Give Em the Pickle.  This is the WORST customer service idea video ever.  I’ve done, 7 Habits, The Fish Video, a specialized program designed just for my old job and several others.  In my last job I created a specific program for over 400 people based on what each team did and conducted it.  But about this pickle thing, the guys 1st point was about giving the customer what they want, more pickles in his case or a free pen at the bank and I just can’t agree with that.  I was schooled in banking and as the treasurer of a financial club, I must say the bottom line is always in my mind.  If you just give people things for free and allow the employees to decide that you will be wasting lots of money.  I am not saying promotional items don’t have a place, but you can’t give people things just to give.  I mean we all want something free but you don’t walk into the Gap and get free socks just because you want them.  He also had some cheesy advice about team work and geese and it was just a poorly made video.  I mean some of his ideas are great attitude and consistancy, but he sounded like George from Seinfield and looked like the Captain who saved that flight on the Hudson.  I just wish that people would have respect for each other.  That to me is how customer service works.  Treat people like you want to be treated, think of the old lady on the phone as your grandma, remember if the customer is not happy we don’t make money and if we don’t make money we don’t get paid.  I was more upset when the other members of management decided I was agressive.  While I admit I can be, I would never be rude to a customer, unless provoked and they were rude to me.  It’s happened before and I still try to be cool.  It was just upsetting because people make these programs and they aren’t good.  I also know I am upset again because I choose to be a full time mother and my ideas and experience are for nothing in the eyes of everyone else.


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