I am a Preemie Parent and I am stronger because of it

I used to be selfish. Then I had a child.  I realized there is truth to the thought that you don’t know endless love until you have kids.  A few years after my first child, I had a preemie.  If you want to know your strenghth, that is one way to find out.  I became more faithful, more patient, more loving, more aware, most of a fighter, more of a carer- just living fuller all around.  My husband and I got through some tough times and we came out stronger.  My child came through some tough times and is more of a blessing.  I started living for each day.  Thanking God for little things like a napping baby, the baby eating and not getting sick, the baby being home, the baby gaining weight, being at home with both of my kids, a roof on our heads, warm beds- just little things that all of a sudden meant a lot to me. 

The pre-preemie me did not speak up.  I didn’t really fight for any causes.  Now I am a huge supporter of the March of Dimes.  I am patient and I never was before. God has helped me grow and get through this and become a better person.  My husband was amazing when I was sick and our baby was in the NICU.  He is an amazing father.  Any parent of a preemie is amazing.  To be in the NICU and see the tiny babies is something you never think of as happening to you, you don’t even really know those babies exist until it happens to you.  Then there are the developmental delays and milestones and health issues once your baby is home. 

So on the eve of Prematurity Awareness day hug a preemie, knit hats for preemies in the NICU, send money to the March of Dimes, and hug a preemie parent because we all need it!!


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