Monday Monday

I want to not be on Facebook.  I try I really do, but then curiousity gets the best of me.  I worry if a friend has not posted on my facebook lately.  I get upset and feel inadequate over my own life.  Most people post about their romantic husbands, exciting careers, wonderful gifted children, beautiful homes, exciting travel.  And then instead of thinking that maybe it’s because they don’t have other things going on, I get down.  I feel like my life is not exciting and my husband, children and I are just your average people. I get jealous because friends are making plans that don’t include me.  I mean facebook seriously has a way of making one realize how prominnent some of the seven deadly sins are in their life!!  Sloth, envy, greed,extravagance, gluttony, pride- I don’t know what wrath is, so I can only think of 6!! 

I prefer to use twitter.  Twitter seems more real, people sharing helpful tips, or funny info or linking to their blogs and websites.  Tweets that make me think or lift me up.  So I think this time I want to really do a Facebook withdraw.  At least until after the holidays.  Maybe I’ll revisit it after New Year’s.  I will only use it to wish people a Happy Holidays- since some friends are overseas (and they tend to not be as braggish as the Americans on facebook) and in the case where someone sends me a message (some friends use that instead of email and it may be important).  Otherwise, no posts from me, no aimless browsing and thinking of how great peoples lives seem.  No bringing myself down. 

I recently became more active in some of the activities at my church and I feel pulled in two directions because I know that some people at my job think I spend too much time with my church.  But I love being involved and being active in peoples lives.  Sometimes I go to work and I feel a negative energy and I get down about that also.  I’m praying about this, because I want to be able to work and still be helpful at church.  I love my Sunday School class and honestly I would have never thought I did.  I have some friends who are supportive about me finding activities in which I can lift others up and be helpful and some friends who put me down and try to make me feel stupid and that it’s not what I really want.   I mean that is not a supportive friend and I know it. So being off Facebook will help with that too.  I want to know quiet time and feel more positive about myself and the activities in which I am choosing to spend my time. So wish me luck.


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