Organizing and being a Virgo

So when I started my blog I wasn’t sure what I would blog about.  I chose my name because I am uber organized, I mainly think it’s because I am a virgo.  But I haven’t focused on organizing because in my mind I was trying it out.  Well now it’s almost the end of 2009, so I am going to start blogging about organizing.  There are a lot of good blogs with great tips on organizing.  But unless you want to be organized, I don’t think it’s something that sticks with you.  I have friends who have bought calendars and containers and the works, but if you don’t make it a priority to be organized, it won’t be second nature to you.  So maybe some of my tips will be helpful, but I think some people by nature can function without being organized. 

I am the person who is always early.  I have been organized for as long as I can remember.  Even as I child I kept everything tidy and in order.  Early in my career in financial marketing I was sent to a Seven Habits of Highly Successful People seminar/training and it was just the icing to my cake.  It gave me some great tools to really be organized on the job and in life.  Now that I am a home organizer (meaning I run our household and take care of the kiddies) I use many of the systems I used to use in business. 

So I mentioned that I am a Virgo.  My mom is a Virgo, my brother is a Virgo, three of my close friends are Virgos and I probably have half a dozen other friends who are Virgos.  I don’t think that is a coincidence.  I believe certain people are naturally more organized than others.  I get along well with Virgos because we think alike.  I noticed that even if my Virgo acquaintances aren’t overly organized they do still have systems and means and ways of doing things, that keep it all in order.

Being organized is the first thing I think of when people ask what I’m good at or what my talents are.  Before I had kids I kept running lists on my calendars (yes when I was still working I had more than one calendar) but I could remember things.  Now like most parents, I have so many more things to do (looking back work stuff was easy to keep straight) that now I write it down.  I write everything down. I plan ahead for stuff.  I have notebooks and paper everywhere for notes, even at night in my night stand, so I can sleep, lest I forget something.  People joke that I am always writing things down, but that’s the way I can remember and as you get older your brain tends to drop the unimportant things, which sometimes you do need to remember.  So there’s my first two tips:- write it down and get a good calendar. Whether it’s a family calendar with everyones schedule, a Blackberry, Yahoo Calendar, MS Calendar or in my case a Franklin Covey calendar- this year Rhapsody in 2010 it’s the mom one.  I like to keep one central calendar with my stuff, house stuff, kid stuff, husband stuff, pet stuff, shopping stuff. You name it, all one place and easily accessible.  I had too many “accidents” back in the day with electronic calendars, to keep one. 

It’s soon time to prepare dinner so I am going to leave how to use the calendar for next time.  Less is always more, especially when organizing and that is one of my main principles.


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