Tiger Woods a lesson on contentment

So if Tiger Woods is not an example of how money can not buy happiness and contentment, I don’t know who is.  He has wealth, skill at golf, children, a pretty wife, cars, homes, vacations but obviously that was not enough.  It’s sad that now a days people will just brush this off in a few weeks, maybe a few other people will come out of the woodwork claiming to have had encounters with him, but we’ll all forget it and he’ll keep golfing and keep getting glorified.  His wife may stay or she may leave, but the family won’t be the same. 

On days when I am so frustrated and I see glamorous people in magazines or on tv, when I have friends who have bigger homes or vacations or more spendable income and I start to feel down.  I realize that there is more than money.  You can have money but not love or contentment.  You can have a big home, but if you are never there that may be a sign that your house is just a house and not a lovable home. 

I like to look at the older generations- my grandparents and people their ages.  They didn’t have near the stuff we need to make us happy.  They didn’t have all the electronic gadgets (or should I say distractions!).  They didn’t have McMansions or 3 cars and designers outfits for everyday of the week, but here they are and they are still content.  They had each other and they had respect for people and cared about their neighbors.  They knew everyone on their block, I don’t even know people one house down from my next door neighbor. 

Where is our contentment?  How will our generation and the ones to follow find contentment?  I personally am hoping that people stop trying to live up to celebrities or coveting what they have because time and again we see it’s just not worth it.


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