Debt is sneaking in and stealing my joy and peace

Tis the season for debt, unless your like me and each season is debt filled.  I am so tired of it.  I’m tired of my husband giving me the look of disappointment or pity- I can never tell which.  I wish I would not have kept living like I was on a full time income when I left my job to stay at home.  I have a plan and a budget- I just don’t have any extra money.  I am tired of living like this I mean it’s been years.  I hear friends talk about debt and bills but I know we are so much worse off than others.  I am still trying to give to others even though we barely have room to breathe.  I read the other day that some expert reccomends paying double your minimum due in order to get out of debt.  While that works in theory, it does not work for me or most of the people I know.  I have cut every food/clothing corner you can.  I have not cut cable and activities for the kids, because life is short and even if we have debt I would rather my kids have fun and pay it off little by little.  This time of year I feel it sneaking into my every thought, at night I can’t sleep, I worry about each cent I spend, I pray about it- but I know there is not a magical debt fairy to come and sweep it away.  This time I know I have to lay down the law and stick to my plans and do what I can, because instead of going down, it’s been going up.  I have five credit cards, one personal loan and one family loan I need to pay.  I realize how much my children miss out on- vacations, private schools, random fun days and I hate that I have managed to get this far to live a lifestyle in which we weren’t being true to ourselves.  But other people have managed to dig themselves out with far more debt than we have.  My new plan is to spend sensibly, get out of debt, by the time my youngest is in school so we can start fresh and not be in debt again.  I mean my plans are to one day pay for everything with cash- cars, furniture, appliances, vacations- I never want to be tied to and have something like all this debt hanging over my head again.


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