There are many things I keep around to inspire me.  Crosses and favorite verses from the Bible, quotes, pictures of family and friends.  One of the most inspiring which really makes me sit back and think and be grateful is a picture of my child in the NICU with a feeding tube in her mouth, smiling.  Even as a tiny preemie the child had a sense of humor.  She was smiling way before a baby should and smiling in that environment.  To me she was looking on the bright side of things, something I need to do myself more often.  She had tubes and wires and breathing things and was in an isolette and she was able to smile.  When she was older and we could hold her, she would smile when my husband and I would feed her.  Here was this beautiful baby, not 100% healthy, not at home in her nursery, not living with her family, but somewhere in her little heart she knew she was loved and was blessed and was happy.  The NICU and preemies are a scary place for any parent, so this was a bit of comfort in a confusing and stressful time.  So right above my desk is a picture of her smiling, with the feeding tube, being held by daddy and I look at it, when I need a boost of happiness, or strength or to just remember how blessed we are. 

Another thing I like to keep around is things my pre-schooler makes.  From time to time, I am the recipient of little drawings and stickers.  The one day he made me this page of paper and all over it there are stickers that say Joy, Love, God,Pray, Yes and little hearts.  I keep it to remind me of the joyous child he is and how he is growing in his faith. I also keep it to remind me that not everything has to be so perfect and complex, sometimes a simple faith message from God through a pre-schooler is enough.  The colors are bright and the word stickers are upside down, but he covered the paper with them and it just makes me happy to see it.


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