Mom Speak

So I finally have turned into the mom at the grocery store, post office, doctors office- etc that used to freak me out and bother me.  You know the woman who spends all day with little kids and is soooo excited to speak to another grown up, that she talks and talks and talks to relative strangers or strikes up conversations with anyone just to talk to someone who has at least written one senior thesis in their life.  When I realized that I was sooo excited to be going to the doctors for a check up, I’m talking shopping trip without the kids excited and then that I was talking to all the nurses and the doctor, I was kind of embarrassed at first, I was thinking oh I am that mom.  Then I took a step back and thought about it.  One of the first and only things I missed when I left the corporate world to enter the mommy-track was conversation.  I am a talker.  I missed talking finance and politics and local events with adults and even my husband because my life involves diapers and schedules and naps and kids tv and now thankfully twitter!  But then I realized is this such a bad thing?  I’ve made great friends with other moms, my friends are mostly moms, it gives me time to be with the kids, volunteer for school things, take them to sports, laugh more, teach sunday school, be in a womens financial club, be in a womens Bible group, bake more, take my nan to the doctor, do more crafts, pray more, relax and breathe more and to be part of a time in my childrens life that we will never have again.  So yes I do miss real adults to talk to during the day, but I’m fine with bibbling a little too much to too many people at the doctors, or the grocery store, because it means I can spend time with my kids and create memories which will last way longer than any work related conversations I ever had!


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