Organizing Holiday Decorations

My old favorite- less is more comes into play here again.  Yes I have children and a husband that would love to have and keep everything Christmas that was ever made or looked at, but in reality we’d need a home as big as Buckingham Palace just for storage.  So I have a few good tips:

– we have big plastic bins for each holiday ornaments, labeled and stored in the basement.  I keep each holiday to one bin of stuff, that way we don’t have massive amounts of stuff!

-each season before we decorate, I go through and find things that may be broken or that we can live without and donate them.  That way if we get anything new something old has gone out before we bring it home. 

-we have a fake tree (I can hear the groans now), I hate messes so a real tree would drive me crazy and my husband sneezes from real trees.  The tree has two medium storage boxes that it goes into at the end of the season.

-I label the ornaments for my kids with the year on the box, so when they are grown up we can remember what year it was that they liked that particular item.

-I have lists.  Lists of when to decorate and when to undecorate.  Lists of what ornaments/stockings are in what area of the house, so nothing gets forgotten when we undecorate. I save all this lists in my calendar from year to year

-I have lists of who to buy gifts for and who gets cards and I check each list months before the season to make any updates/changes

-since we have cats and a german shorthair pointer all gifts wrapped and unwrapped are kept upstairs until Christmas day, so none of the pets can “open” the gifts early

Most people can manage Christmas decorations and other decorations but sometimes it helps to just have the proper storage items, in order to keep it all in one place from year to year.


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