Lists- Luv Em’

I love lists.  I have loved lists since I was a child.  I use lists like most people-Christmas cards/gifts, grocery’s to buy, things to do- etc.  I think lists simplify things for you.  I use my to do list so that I don’t forget stuff.  Nothing is too trivial to make a to do list, even taking your medicine (if like me you forget).  I save all my yearly lists on my computer and update them periodically.  I also keep lists on monthly budget extras for each month which I add to my budget.  Most of my budgeting is done in excel and I keep list of all household expenses to compare from year to year in excel too.  I make tables in word for to do things like church activities I’m involved in.  I also have tables and lists for Sunday School items to do.  I keep a running list of groceries.  I have a 43 things list ( I have twitter lists- which I love, so I can easily check mom tweets, money tweets, news tweets, faith tweets, etc without having to read through all the others if I am in a hurry.  I think if you use lists you need to manage them and keep up with them, otherwise they just become lost notes.  Lists are essential for organizing.


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