Cleaning Made Slightly Easier

When I first moved into my first apartment with my husband, I think I thought that cleaning was over-rated.  I thought that the cleaning my grandmother did was intense and outdated.  I concluded that nothing needed to be swept and bathrooms and kitchens pretty much cleaned themselves.  I think my husband and I both thought the cleaning fairy came and did the laundry because I remember neither of us did it for a little while.  Then we got cats.  We were living in Bermuda and most Bermudian homes have ceramic tile floors or wooden floors, so our tile floors were white and after some time cat hair dust bunnies were rolling on by.  Then I bought a vacuum.  Looking back I don’t think we did ever clean the windows since I don’t remember ever buying windex!!  But we are all young once and I was taken care of and almost pampered as a youth, since I didn’t have any chores.  I mean for one short summer I was so taken with cleaning, that was how I kept busy.  But after that I was more into books and tv than cleaning.  So it’s crazy how nowadays I have become my grandmother (my one aunt once commented she could eat on my nan’s floors, they were so clean). 

These are some of the ways I manage to keep my old Victorian house clean- all 3 floors, with all my cats, my huge dog, my two children, my sloppy husband, two hermit crabs and now two fish!!

1. I tried to stick with an old adage of different chores each day of the week, with nothing on Sundays.  I keep them in my calendar and update each week/month depending on the chore

2.  I keep cleaning supplies on each floor.  That way I don’t have to carry them up and down and if something needs to be replaced I write it down on my shopping list

3.  I bought 2 small vacuums to use in between deep cleanings one Black Friday, for $10 each.  I use them so I don’t have to carry the other large vacuum up and down so much

4.  I straighten up at the end of day.  I return things to where they belong and I have tons of baskets and storage containers so everything has a place

5. I do light cleaning daily- sweeping, cleaning litter, wiping counters in the kitchen and bath, things like that

My home is not spotless, but it’s clean.  There is a sense of happiness and contentment in cleaning.  I don’t think I work as hard at cleaning as my grandmother (she had a wringer washer!) and I don’t think my home will ever be as clean as hers was, but I have an appreciation for all she did for her family in order to provide a clean loving home for us.  I always think even when my sheets are clean and my bed is made, it is never quite as inviting as when my grandmother made up my bed at home!


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