Good Bye 2009 Hello 2010

I remember thinking when I was younger that in the year 2000 I’d be so old, now imagine we are ten years past then.  Thinking back to then, life was technologically simpler, people didn’t have as many cell phones, people didn’t tweet or blog or use facebook.  You had to mail your bills, because no one really banked online, I think I first started trading stocks online sometime after that and I couldn’t believe something like that existed.  I remember on the night of the millenium my husband and I were at someones party in Bermuda.  I didn’t know the people, it was a group of sisters and they had a nice pool and an oddly shaped house- I think it had a center courtyard.  I remember each year we’d ring in the New Year there and then an hour later I would call all my friends and family on the East Coast and celebrate again.  Alot has changed in the past decade.  For one I’ve been married now over a decade, I have two awesome kids, we are homeowners, no longer am I an ex-pat, I can cook, I don’t work FT in the corporate world, I teach Sunday School and I think I am really happy.  I can say I have the same two best friends I’ve had for almost 2 decades and we are doing New Years tonight together, which has been our new tradition for the past few years.  We are all moms now.  I have another incredible friend who I met at work in Bermuda years ago,  I sometimes feel like she’s my long lost sister- if I don’t e-communicate with her for a day or so I go crazy.  We are living the facebook/email/twitter lifestyle( she’s farther advanced as she has a Blackberry and a Kindle!)  I am blessed to be surrounded by a great supportive family, a husband who is my best friend and my children who light up my life.  I always thought my life would be in a city, being a career woman, breaking barriers and climbing those ladders, but life and God have a funny way of changing your plans.  So on the eve of this new decade I can say I am so happy, I am blessed, I love all the people in my life & the pets, I love my faith and I can not wait to see how the next decade unfolds.  Happy New Year and Peace.


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