Searching for contentment 2010

So everyone is always looking for something these days- happiness, money, fame, the reason for life, an exciting life.  I have done pretty many amazing things in my life, but most times I am not content.  I should be, I get to be at home with the kids, my husband is a good provider, my family is great, my friends are awesome, I have a strong faith, I get to do volunteer work- but sometimes I wonder if that is enough, is there more for me?  Should I even want more?  Am I content with life?  Could I make changes? 

I am part of generation X.  I think that our generation has become used to getting things easy.  We had parents who may have both worked out of the home, or got divorced, or who just wanted to give us what they never had.  We lived through the excessive 80’s

I am tired of wondering what the next step is, how to feel equal and not jealous and worrying over unnecessary things.  I know that there are times when I am content, but not all the time.  I want to take each day as it comes and be happy.  I want to live in the moment.  I want to be able to enjoy nature and not have so many material wants.  I have ten things I want to accomplish in order to feel content:

  1. God First
  2. Live simply (like my grandparents generation?)
  3. pay off debt; achieve goal of being debt free in four years
  4. Wait one week before making any unplanned purchase- think about it(do I need it, do I have something similar already, do I want to be in debt b/c of it), Stop giving in to instant gratification
  5. Stop worry
  6. live in the moment, use planner as a guideline only (so the house isn’t dirty and the kids don’t miss an activities/apps)
  7. Play with the kids more
  8. Accept my life is created just for me and be thankful.  Don’t keep up with others/desire what other have
  9. Be positive about everything/don’t complain, see the bright side (is it kind/helpful/true)
  10. relinquish need for control/perfection

By nature I won’t ever be a free spirit. I’ve just been too responsible my whole life and have always felt like I needed to be the one taking care of everyone elses needs. 

I’ve decided to focus on a different aspect of contentment and things that some people use to achieve content each month.  I’m starting with :

Jan: Health/Weight

Everyone wants to live healthier in the first month of a new year.  My husband is in a competition at work for weight loss, so if we are in this as a family maybe it will be easier.  I used to be super skinny and thought I would be my whole life, then I got married and we snacked more and more and became less active when I threw myself into my career and I can honestly say, I am self conscious about my weight, because most of my friends are really skinny and I don’t feel about to walk into a room of people I don’t know, because of my extra weight.  I also want to be healthy.  I don’t sleep well and I have high blood pressure.  I had gestational diabetes, I had a child weighing more than 9 pounds and a family history, so I am so scared to get a disease I should be able to avoid by eating better.  There was a guy on Oprah who said to not eat anything your grandmother or great grandmother would not recognize and that has stuck with me. 

So I will see if I can become a content person by making some lifestyle changes and personal changes.  I am really hoping I can.  If you have any tips or thoughts I’d love to hear them.


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