Exercise- how do people find contentment with it????

Okay so my goal for January in my quest to be a content individual is exercise and healthy eating.  The healthy eating has already cost a small fortune and we are only 4 days into the new year. My husband is on a diet and we needed to go out and stock our home with healthy food.  One good thing was he made an awesome salad last night with dinner- so fresh.  I told his I was really thankful for it, that was the word that came to mind, because it was a glorious salad. 

So today I am starting my walking plan.  I’m going to walk at least three times a week for an hour at the gym I belong too, but haven’t been too since last spring!  Now mind you, already last night and this morning, I was thinking, it’s too cold to go to a place to walk inside (yes I am that full of excuses), let me start next week.  It will be such a hassle to drive there.  But I am going to do it.  I decided if I had some good music from VBS crocidile dock (yes I am a dork sometimes), that I could be motivated to get going.  My kids and I like to listen to it and it gets me going!.

So this week will be my first week of eating better ( I had multi grain cherios for breakfast, not oreos!!) and I am ready to walk, we’ll see how I do later this week and we’ll see if I can find contentment with exercise as so many of my friends claim to do. 

Another thing that kept popping up yesterday when I was dreading the exercise and reliving an issue I had with a co-worker at my PT job and thinking about debt and cold weather, was why can’t we just pack up and move.  In my mind going someplace else is the way to escape and start over. When I was younger I would escape the desperate situation at home with my parents fighting and go to my grandparents, in school I would escape to my best friends house and then as an adult I moved to Bermuda and started a new life, where no one knew me or had any judgements.  When people start to overwhelm me, I always think let’s just move.  But I know it’s not that easy when you have a job (which my husband does) and kids and pets.  I need to face up to my issues, not run away.  I need to feel confident and happy with where we are.  It’s just nice to feel like there can always be a plan B to leave and start over. 

Personally I think moving to a small carribean island, homeschooling the kids, working from the internet and being alone in the world would bring contentment, but I’m sure after sometime I’d get lonely for the rest of my family, friends and church.  I guess it’s a nice way to daydream sometimes. 

While I don’t think contentment come from exercise alone, I am hoping to see some difference, this month.

Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want, but the realization of how much you already have.”


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