Being Nice

Luke 10:27, “He answered: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind”; and, “Love your neig hbor as yourself.'” (NIV)

Here we are in the New Year and I am trying to be content, to be a better person.  I always want to be an example for my children and my family and my Sunday School Class. I try to not judge and to forgive and to not hold anger.  For a long time one of my neighbors didn’t like us for no appharent reason and it bothered me and made me uncomfortable and I prayed about it.  Months later, we had a confrontation and then we had a break through.  We aren’t overly friendly, but we do talk in passing and life feels better. 

Recently I had a run in with a co-worker at my part time job.  She is younger than me and is in a position that I could have easily done, if I wanted to work full time, which I don’t.  I also have a close relationship with the family who owns my work for almost two decades and this person sat me down and told me she was my boss, she was better qualified, blah blah blah.  Things that are not true and that really bothered me.  She was trying to put me in place and I was not feeling it.  So I told her, I couldn’t be her friend and her subordinate and we haven’t talked since.  I am very bothered by it, because of jealousy, feeling inadequate, feeling rejected, feeling angry I can’t let go.  I’ve been praying about it but everytime I see her or hear something she did my blood boils.  I don’t like being angry or being upset with people, butI can’t shake this.  I know with time God will heal my heart and it will work out, but I feel guilty for not loving this person who is a neighbor and I feel embarrassed that I can’t get over it and tired because I can’t let it go.


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