Mom Genie Bottle

So you know your day has been frustrating when you have a sinus infection and take nighttime meds for it and you can’t fall asleep.  Last night I was having that problem and I decided to think about what I would do if I found a genie in the bottle just for moms. 

I have never been one of those people to want wealth, or fame or lots of stuff so the three things I decided that I would ask a mom genie for would be:

-easier mornings.  Everyone gets up together, wants to get dressed, brush teeth and eat breakfast.  No one freaks out and throws all their food to the dog.  And I get 20-30 minutes to sit quietly and read my devotions

-spills/crumbs disappear.  I spend so much time cleaning up spills and crumbs.  If the genie would just make those things vanish that would be cool

-toys that dance themselves into toyboxes.  Like in Mary Poppins.  I hate stepping on toys and walking creative obstacle courses over toys in order to get through a room.  And if the toys won’t dance I would love children who pick them up as well at home as they do in school.

Just a thought that I’m sure so many other moms and dads think of from time to time…


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