Trying to be Green

So in the past maybe two years we are becoming a more green family.  Before we moved to Bermuda, we used to recycle all the time.  When we moved back, we were out of the habit and kind of let it go by the wayside.  A few years ago I started to recycle again.  All cans, bottles, plastic, glass, papers, magazines, cardboard, newspaper. I make use of printed paper by using both sides.  I make scrap paper from old mail, instead of buying it.  I give away all magazines/books to other people to be read over and over.  I donate anything we can’t or don’t use to charity or friends.  I compost.  This summer I am going to grow a garden, we tried before but planted too many things to keep up with, this time we are doing a smaller variety.  Last year I started to clean with store brand eco-friendly cleansers.  While I don’t know the exact variety of how earth friendly they are, I do like Clorox Green Works and SC Johnson Natures Source.  I use an eco-friendly dishwasher detergent too- Palmolive Eco. 

The one thing I just can’t get out of the habit of is using paper towels.  I bought rags and placed them where we would use them, but I can’t get past the ease of a papertowel for the kids and the pets, and the spills in the kitchen. It’s such a habit.  I also know my grandparents were not raised with paper towels and they use dish towels and things for spills, so why can’t I get past this one conveince item in my life to be a better care taker of the planet?

I really think I started putting more thought into Earth friendly things after I became a mother.  Who doesn’t want to try to leave this place cleaner and better than when we got here?  I also love nature and I hate seeing litter and trash.  So maybe 2010 will be the year that I start using less paper towels on the way to being paper towel free…


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