Bathroom Organization

When I was growing up we had two bathrooms.  In my house we have two bathrooms.  I know some people nowadays have up to five, but that is a lot.  I like simple living.  So here are some things I learned to be helpful in bathroom organizing for families:

-keep two sets of cleaning items in each bathroom.  This will eliminate the need to go looking for them and so that you don’t have to carry them up and down the stairs.

-keep a set of band aids and first aid items, fingernail clippers, q-tips, etc in each bathroom- again this saves time.

-keep a set of childrens meds (especially when they are over 6months old) in the main bathroom on the floor where the kids room is and also on the main floor of the house.  Things like teething meds, gas drops, baby tylenol.  In a locked cabinet.

-buy child locks for the bathroom.  kids love to explore so the more that is locked up the safer everyone is

-keep towels in a storage closet/area in the bathroom.  everything should be in proximity to when you need it.  Also limit the amount of towels you have- you don’t need tons

-wipe the counters each morning, it’s nice to at least have clean counters in between cleanings.

-buy little bins at the dollar store for storing items.

-buy plastic bins with holes and no metal handles to store and drain bathroom toys

Just a few things that have made a huge difference in organizing at our house


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