Facebook thoughts on it

So about a month ago I decided that I was done with facebook.  I was tired of going and seeing people bragging about how great their lives were.  I love when people post funny things or just random thoughts, but I got tired of people saying my husband is… my child is… my home is… my vacation is…..  Just always talking about how great their stuff is.  So at first I felt great.  I was only on twitter.  But then I would get a notice that someone had sent me a message on facebook and some of my friends only use facebook, so I’d have to go check it.  But it was easy to check and be done.  Then it was Christmas and I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas since some of my friends are overseas and facebook is the only time I communicate with them.  Then  we had a snowstorm and I was bored and so was everyone else and I was on facebook.  Then I discovered games and I’ve been playing colors in the sky lately.  So I can not be free from the pull of facebook.  What I have learned is that it can be useful for communication and I just need to un friend people I haven’t seen in almost 20 years and have no connections to.  I don’t want to be friends with everyone I’ve ever crossed paths with, I just want people who I feel I have a connection with or who may be saying something interesting.  So I need to just remember it is just a website, it shouldn’t be able to make me happy or sad or effect me like it does.  My life is great, I just don’t need to tell everyone on facebook.  We each are given what we have for a reason, it’s what we are trusted to handle.


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