What I’m thinking about contentment this week….

I am not doing so well with my gratitude journal.  It’s not that I’m ungrateful, it just feels so routine to write down five things each day.  I’m more of a sporatic gratitude recorder.  I think it’s because I am very greatful and there is so much I give thanks for.  Such as a warm shower after a long day, a soft bed, my children laughing, my cats playing.  Things like that and the big things- jobs, a home, food, family and so much more.  So I think I’m going to record my gratitude list when the mood strikes me, because I don’t want to have it become played out. 

As for the exercise, well that’s another story.  I know it made me feel so good and it is good, but it’s cold here and it’s hard to load up the kids and schlep to the gym, so I’ve been slacking . I think in the spring I will start walking again.  I will have the energy to go outside and I know it’s relaxing and it helps me feel relaxed.  I was eating well and not snacking because of my husbands diet, but the other day I caved and went out and bought some buffalo wing pretzels, donuts and chips.  Yes, that’s bad, but I was so craving some junk food.

I have become more aware of what I eat and how it effects my body and feelings about myself and I am trying to use snacks and baked goods as a treat, not a normal food.  It’s hard but it’s helping.  I still feel like I would be slightly happier if I was in better shape, but I don’t think I am the kind of person who will be content with just exercise and diet.  There is more out there.


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