Contentment 1st month down

So I’ve been trying to remain in the present and really feel content.  To notice the small things, to not multitask, to be a calmer person.  I wanted to exercise and I can truly say that in this month, I walked once.  No excuses, although it is winter!!  But I did start to eat better and again not by my doing but my husbands.  He started his diet and by default out went the junk food and so as a family we started eating healthier.  What have I learned so far, that eating better makes me feel good.  I also have been watching my money and not buying stuff for the sake of buying or because I am bored.  Who needs stuff I will be giving away in a few months when I realize I never needed it in the first place and that feels good.  I think I have a good budget plan this year and that feels good also.  I want to start focusing on why I go to Sunday School and teach the kids about God and His love for us.  Like everything else I’ve been over planning it and buying crafts and things, when I really want to be there and be showing my heart and love for God to the children and learning from them.  It is amazing, as adults it’s sometimes hard to surrender it all to God, especially the hard stuff we think we can handle, but kids will pray for everything and they know He’s there to help them.  They are awesome in their faith and it makes me wonder why as we grow up we feel we need to control and be in charge and lead our lives, when God has been doing it all along.  I want to feel each moment and enjoy and that is one of the best things I’ve learned so far this year.


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