Phineas and Ferb are 2nd fiddle to Dr D

So last year my child started watching Phineas and Ferb.  At first I didn’t pay much attention.  Then each episode had a catchy little song and had some great lines from Dr.Doofenshmirtz and my husband and I started watching.  Then we got the music for our ipods (so we can hear it in the car) and then I downloaded ring tones for us.  Yes, a little odd- but as any parent/grandparent/aunt/uncle can attest when a kid likes a show and watches it over and over, you get hooked. 

So I’ve been wanting to write a short post about why Dr Doofenshmirtz cracks me up.  First things first he reminds me of me.  Yes I am German decent (but without an accent), but no I don’t have an ex, a teenager daughter, an evil company, a nemisis, or a hunched over phisque and I don’t wear a lab coat.  But his personality is like me.  My parents also never made me into a garden gnome and never got a pet that they named only daughter (in my case)!!

But when he invents the invisinator to hide from the fireside girls I can relate.  I am a pushover for buying things from kids, so much so that if I leave the grocery store and they are selling something I almost sprint to my car, so I won’t feel bad, if I don’t have extra cash.  I also answer the door to religious message carriers, kids selling things for school, weird vendors, etc.  I just feel bad, especially if they can see/hear that we are home.  My husband will just sit there until they stop ringing the bell or walk away.  So an invisinator to hide me from sales people/girl scouts etc would rock. 

I have been known to be overly dramatic- ask my friends or husband!, eccentric (my husband always asks me if I know we aren’t in the victorian era anymore), and sometimes clueless to things other people pick up on. 

He just makes me laugh, he has the best lines and while phineas and ferb are making things and the kids love them- I think the parents love Dr Doofenshmirtz and Mrs Garcia Shapiro- another great character.

I also love how doofenshmirtz schemes to get back at totally silly things- like laundry, his family reuion with kickball, baking soda volcanoes.  I’ve been there, I sometimes get mad about silly things like tripping into something and stubbing a toe, or tracking in mud, or the fast food place forgetting half my order in the drive thru and just rant and rave for days about it, so I can relate.

So here’s to Heinz Doofenshmirtz who should get a spin off show, since P&F has taken off so well.


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