Organized Mama A-Z

A-Always write things down and have a plan

B-Budget so you know what you can spend and what you need to save

C-Create chores/chores charts for your children to help with, they can start as young as 3 with simple things, like feeding the dog (dry food, not canned!)

D-Dishwasher, you can wash almost anything in the dishwasher.  For small toys invest in one of those little baskets sold in the baby aisle to hold bottle nipples

E-Envelopes to organize bills/money are very simple and helpful

G-Ground and other outside dirt can be stopped at the door with door mats and people removing their shoes- less to sweep up later and drag through the house

H-Use wire hanging baskets in your pantry to store and sort onions, potatoes, gravy/sauce mixes, jello, pudding, straws (anything small that is easier to manage if hung)

I-Invest in a good calendar, whether on a smart phone, on your computer, or old fashioned paper calendars, this is the best way to stay organized

J-January is a good time to start over and plan things for the year.  Check your cleaning lists, clothes buying lists, goals, vacations, etc

K-keys, make extra house keys and store them around the house (in a safe place) and with good family/friends/ and even at work- you never know when you will lock yourself out of your home

L-Lists, I love lists.  I make lists for everything and it helps me to stay organized and function, especially since having kids

M-Manage your home and the finances and running of your home, like any other business venture, it will make life more manageable

N-Never bypass joy for a clean home, remember the story of Mary and Martha?

O- outgrown clothes, keep a few bags in every persons closet and sort the outgrown clothes into the bags, by charity, friends, family- etc.  That way you can toss something in as soon as it comes out of the laundry

P-Paper, try to be as paperless as possible.  Nothing takes up more space than pieces of paper, or old magazines and junk mail. Recycle, give magazines away to someone else when you are finished with them

Q-Q tips are great for cleaning anything you can’t reach and also for kids crafts, so by them the next time you are at the bulk store

R-Recycle everything. Paper, Plastic, Aluminum, Furniture, Applicances, Clothes, Toys, etc-  there is always someone or someplace that can make what you don’t use into a good purpose again

S-Stock up on good buys/non perishables, but don’t overdo it.  I have been known to buy more pasta than they have in Italy just because it was on sale and I ended up giving it to a food bank and family/friends, there can be too much of a good thing, just take a peek at my stockpile of shower gels

T-Time yourself.  No one can play with their kids, get me time, prepare meals, balance the budget and clean a whole house and do laundry every day.  Break your chores out throughout the week into manageable pieces, because no one wants to be folding and drying laundry at 1am

U-Use the internet for resources.  There are many moms who blog, or organize and they have some excellent ideas

V-Vacuum the area near the cats litter box often.  For some reason litter drags everywhere, just like sand

W-wash the odd things you wouldn’t think of- like running the dishwasher without dishes and cleaning the washing machine- even items that are meant to clean, need to be cleaned.  And clean the oven.  I was talking about cleaning the oven one day and out of 4 friends I was with, none of them cleaned their ovens

X- example ( I know not really an X), set an example for your children, get them involved.  They will one day be running their own homes and cleaning.  If they see that cleaning and keeping organized is manageable, they will be more willing to do so with their own things

Y-Yesterday is gone.  So don’t worry about how you could have done something or what you should have done, live in the moment today

Z-Zoo, yes sometimes your children will make your home look like a zoo, but it’s all manageable and they grow so fast, so enjoy it while you can.  It’s only clutter and you can clean it up later.

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