Accomplishments in Mommy Land

This week I feel like I accomplished a lot, at least cleaning wise!! I think it’s important sometimes to reflect on all we do, no matter how small the task, because small things need to be done too.  I’ve been thinking of what big things I could do, to be a better person in the world, to be more use in the world and then I realized last night after my small group, it’s not the big things always, more so it’s the little things.  Here is my list of good things this week:

-started reading to my pre-schooler/toddler each day ( no excuses) and got some great books from the library

-called my grandparents and chatted. I do this almost daily but it warms my heart


-played winter bingo with my sunday school class and they loved it.  It’s so cool to see them so happy and so at ease with prayer and praying for others

-watched Oprah and vowed to make better decisions for my family and the way we eat

-spent better this week and became aware of not wasting and buying out of boredom/just to buy

-cleaned a lot

-watched a hawk in my bird feeder, just took some time and watched the beautiful creature from God

-helped a friend take her mind off her family situation for a few hours of fun at my childs b-day party

-blew up the vacuum, it was so odd and my husband couldn’t understand that I didn’t realize it was smoking, I thought it was the floor scented powder I put down!!

-woke up to some snow.  A nice dusting overnight and it was so pretty

-snuggled my kids

-got the tax stuff in order

-planned out camp for my child and invited his best friend to VBS this summer at our church

-really didn’t eat anything bad for the past two days, got over my frustration with my husbands diet

-spent some down time playing mindless games on facebook

-realized dressing toddlers is never going to get easier

-also realized that toddlers + cherios means cereal on the floor, walls, furniture, hidden in toys, etc, the fun of parenting


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