Mama Life;Pre-k mom cliques

Ok, so I sometimes think people are acting one way and they aren’t.  It’s probably insecurity or my virgo tendencies.  I have a handful of very very close friends, most for very many years.  I am happy with my friends, I love my friends.  Like everyone I have different types of friends, so I go out with and socialize, some are more email friends b/c we don’t live close by, some are from work, some are from my financial club, some I’ve had forever, I’ve made some at church.  You get the picture.  I am a loyal friend and I am very tight with the people I know and love and call my friends.  So it’s no surprise that when I meet someone new from other friends they sometimes warn that person to not mind the faces I’m pulling or the way I seem stand off-ish.  I just don’t gel straight away like some people.  I’m sort of shy and like to know someone and trust someone, because we’ve all had people who hurt us in friendships.

I kind of like the fact that in life we can pick our friends and God puts the right people where we need them in our lives.  So I was not prepared for having a child in pre-school and the mommy cliques.  Last year was awful, I felt my child was friends with the 3 other kids he liked but the one mom would invite all the kids but mine to their house to play in front of my child and of course he was hurt and I didn’t know what to do.  She seemed to like the other moms and not me for whatever reason.  She was pushy and kind of bossy, and I remember years before hating a tumbling class because of the way this person acted with her children in the class, before our paths even crossed.  But when b-day party time came of course my kid was invited because we’d come and bring a gift.

This year is not as bad, because that mom is gone and it’s some of the same moms, but still other than having a child of a certain age, I don’t have anything in common with these people.  I don’t see how some moms can just befriend each other at sports and school and dance classes.  I feel like an outsider and sometimes it does hurt, but I remember all the good friends I have, that I actually share common goals and likes with.  My in-laws have friends mainly from people my husband and brother in law went to school with.  I’ve also noticed as some of my friends parents grow older their friends that they had through kids are not close to them anymore.  In my small group we talked about friendships and many of the older ladies only had one really close friend, so I feel blessed.  I’m just scared, because when I was in school, I wasn’t the most popular, but I was involved in things and friendly to people and we had a small class, but I have friends that dreaded high school because of the people there, so I worry what I will be like parenting my children and getting along with other parents as my children get older and get into school.  I really never believed mommy cliques were there, but they are.


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