What I am Reading this week & what the kids are being read

I just finished twenties girl by sophie kinsella last week and it was SOOOOO good.  I loved it.

This week I’ve started The 7 habits of highly successful families as part of the simplemom.net book club.  So far so good.  There are some great books on their list for this year and I’m excited

Yesterday I got the Year of Living Biblically by AJ Jacobs.  This book is so good.  I read the 1st chapter and wish I could have read more, but it was late and the morning comes so quickly.  Looking forward to more reading of it tonight when the family swims.  A few months ago I read the Unlikely Disciple by Kevin Roose and that was also a good book.

I started the Bathtub is overflowing but I feel drained, by Lysa TerKeurst, this week.  She is a great author and already I love this book.  She is so real.

I’ve been reading what the Bible is All about for Women by Lisa Harper, and this one is taking me longer to read, because I just don’t have time and there is some Bible study in it, but I love it so far.

Women of the Bible, a one year devotional study of women in scripture.  This book is so good.  I read it at night before I go to bed and I love it.  This will be one of those books I keep and don’t pass on. 

I always try to have a few devotionals to read before bed and I also have New Day, New You by Joyce Meyer, this one is not as good as some of her others, but I am giving it the benefit of the doubt.  It’s hard to read because it is very wordy and not in a down to Earth readable kind of way.

Lastly I am reading the Intellectual Devotional. I bought two of these a few years back for my husband and I and they are very interesting.  The one I have is on American history and it is also an interesting read.

My pre-schooler and I are reading Grumpy Cat, Duck Soup, Llama Llama mad at mama and red pajamas, a kitten tale and Trains a Pop up railroad book.  All good choices for mother/child reading.

My toddler and I are reading the board books I love you stinky face and some touch and feel farm animals and pets books.

I love to read and that is one of the gifts and legacy’s I want to share with my children.  My fathers family is full of big readers and I consider it such a gift and blessing to love the written word.


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